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Hospitals & Hotel Tracks

The Sound of Silence by Silent Gliss Tracks – Abdulhaq Blinds Trade & Industry always thrives to bring customers the best quality for all components related to Blinds and Curtains, the latest collaboration with Silent Gliss Switzerland, a leading global supplier of premium interior window treatment systems. Silent Gliss develop and manufacture the world’s quietest, smoothest-gliding curtains and blinds; a functional product is transformed into a design element and adapted seamlessly to any room design in any space whether hotels or hospitals.

Used tracks features from Silent Gliss Switzerland include:

  • Attractive profile combines mechanical strength and flexibility with the smoothest

  • The design detail gives rigidity and strength with great flexibility in layout whilst achieving a
    clean unbroken line in hospital wards.

  • The top channel maximises connection positions and suspension variations. The dust cover
    strip reduces the risk of cross infection.

  • Quick release safety device is available through distributors for high risk areas.

  • Stand colour silver. Also available in white.

  • Standard lengths 6101 in metres: 4.5m, 4.75m, 5.0m, 5.25m, 5.5m, 6.0m, 6.75m, 7.5m (silver only). Profile connector available.

  • For medium to heavy curtains.

  • Conforms to HTM66.

  • White profile incorporates anti-microbial coating as standard.

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