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Carpets & Acoustics

Vinyl flooring 

FITNICE® is a registered brand of Vertisol Internacional, SRL a European company with international projection and well known worldwide in the window covering industry since 1980. FITNICE® Woven Vinyl Flooring is made of a single polyester yarn coated with Phthalate free PVC and PVC laminated backing.

  • Designer vinyl floor with high-tech features: a simple and elegant floor, perfect for large spaces.

  • Wide colour palette and range of combinations.

  • Acoustic insulation of up to 15dB.

  • High abrasion resistance, giving the product a long useful life.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with products such as bleach without damaging the fabric.

  • Flame-resistant properties that comply with the most stringent regulations, an IMO-certified collection designed for outdoor use and nautical applications.

  • Anti-bacterial properties.

  • High degree of lightfastness.

  • Non-fraying.

  • 5-year warranty.

Acoustic panels

LESSEN® By Vertisol Internacional is another innovation in acoustic absorption which is needed in public places such as schools, theatres, conference halls…etc with wide range of colors and special features such as:

  • Acoustic absorption class A.

  • Flame-resistant properties.

  • Easy to install.

  • Printable.

  • 10 year guarantee.

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