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Floorings & Acoustics

Vinyl flooring 

FITNICE® Woven Vinyl Flooring - by Vertisol International, is made of a single polyester yarn coated with phthalate free PVC and PVC laminated backing. The product is warm like conventional textiles and resistant like vinyl and enable to make designs for the space with different colors and shapes. Plus, it is an Eco- Friendly product and fire retardant with special antibacterial recipe as it does not allow the growth of bacteria; suitable for outdoor spaces. It is also very easy to clean and maintain since the dirt or even liquid particles do not penetrate the pores of the fabric.

We provide ceiling solutions from the best names in the world in creating innovative ceiling systems. Ceiling solutions include a wide range of metal, aluminium, textile and wood ceilings. Moreover in addition to their beautiful textures and patterns and effects, they also provide acoustic comfort in spaces such as offices, schools or public buildings to ensure the well being of the users. Another innovative solution for controlling acoustics and providing better and more efficient noise absorptionare actoustic panels which come in modern and have wide range of colors and shapes; those panels are very easy to install and printable, and can be applied for public places such as schools,theaters, conference halls... etc. with fire retardant characteristics.

Acoustic Ceiling

Acoustic Panels

Floorings and Rugs