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When it comes to blinds, the most important part after fabrics is the choice of accessories, or hardware, we make sure to choose best quality of accessories to ensure easy mounting, smooth operation, reliability and exceptional durability. Along with fabrics, the right choice of accessories helps create a stylish and functional statement in any interior space. Our accessories are highly durable and have a smooth and reliable operating systems to ensure perfect operation.  We have accessories that can accommodate large spans as well as skylights, and angular windows in different range of colors (beige, silver, white) to accommodate customer needs and requirements.

Our accessories are offered in different models – from brackets to complete cassette systems— that beautifully span all types of windows while using a chain drive unit which excels in maximizing operating comfort. The chain drive unit is a standard and sturdy operating system for precise control and user convenience. Ball chain operation is available in stainless steel or plastic as per Customer preferences.

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